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March 13, 2018

Spring Cleaning for Your Apartment

This year’s spring equinox falls on March 20, which is just around the corner!

We look forward to spring for many reasons; the warmer weather, the flowers and plants, the excitement that summer is soon to follow. One spring tradition that many acknowledge is spring cleaning and, although most people don’t love to clean, we know it’s necessary.

To help you keep your apartment in good shape, (and to help make sure you get that security deposit back) we’ve got some great tips and tricks for your spring cleaning list this year.

Stock up on Supplies

Cleaning supplies are the first thing you’ll need for a successful spring cleaning session. Below you will find a list of the basics:


  • Microfiber cloths
  • Vacuum with attachments
  • All-purpose cleaner (e.g. Lysol)
  • Rubber gloves
  • Dry mop
  • Bathroom cleaner (e.g. Clorox, OxiClean)

Click here for some great natural cleaning solutions.

Go Room by Room

Trying to tackle your whole apartment at once is incredibly daunting. Instead, go room by room to give yourself some direction. Start high to low; clean your light fixtures and switches in each room first. That way, the dust and debris that fall won’t mess up everything that you’ve already cleaned!



Go through your things and make some choices on things you want to keep, throw out, or sell/give away. It can be tough to do, but decluttering your home will actually help de-stress your life! Additionally, storing your winter clothing in plastic bins (or whatever container you choose) can also be a big help in decluttering your closet.

Clean Forgotten Spaces!

There are many places aside from the obvious that accumulate dirt and grime.  An old toothbrush is perfect to clean those tiny crevices that seem unreachable, like the tracks of your windows. After you’ve vacuumed, use the nozzle attachment to get in, under, and around your couch and other furniture. When you dust, make sure you actually pick items up instead of dusting around them. Finally, wipe down your remotes with an antibacterial solution. Click here for some other commonly forgotten spaces you should clean!

Address the Inside and Outside of Your Fridge

The fridge can get messy pretty quickly. Give just as much attention – if not more – to the inside of your fridge as the outside. Go through the food items in the fridge and throw out old expired foods, condiments, etc. Things of that sort are easy to forget about over time and can build up quickly.

Liven Things up a Bit

Once you’ve completed this list of things to clean, your space should be looking, smelling, and feeling fresh. But is it missing something? Do you have any plants, greenery, or flowers in your home? Plants add life to any space. It’s proven that keeping live plants in your home is good for your mental health. So, do yourself a favor by bringing plants into your home!

Spring cleaning can be quite the task. Winter tends to make even the most active people more introverted than normal. However, an apartment isn’t too big of a space to have to clean, and, if you come prepared with a game plan and motivation, you’re sure to knock it out efficiently.

If your spring cleaning turns into a desire for a new apartment, scroll through the available options on our website.