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August 04, 2021

Sid Bader Awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award

On the evening of Thursday, July 29th, the Minnesota Real Estate Awards program was held. Sid Bader (one of our company’s founders and current shareholder) was recognized with the Gary Holmes Lifetime Achievement Award for his seven decades of work in the Real Estate Industry. Sid was joined by his family, clients and employees of three real estate firms that Sid is founder, owner and still highly active in – Bader Development, Steven Scott Management and Bader Diamond Funds. An additional highlight of the evening included client Schafer Richardson winning Developer of the Year.

From humble beginnings, Sid Bader grew up on the North side of Minneapolis as the son of a tailor. He married his high school sweetheart at 19-years-old, and 70 years later, she is still the love of his life. Determined to provide for his family, Sid went on to obtain both his real estate license and an accounting degree – all while raising his three young children.

Sid Bader worked three jobs to make ends meet until 1963 when he and his brother-in-law founded Z&S, now known as Steven Scott Management. Today, their small real estate company has grown from 3 to over 500 employees. Through Sid’s leadership, two additional companies were born: Bader Development and Bader Diamond Fund. Collectively, they currently manage, own and operate over 11,500 units in the Twin Cities and Dallas areas.

Congratulations Sid!

Click here to view the touching video that shares Sid’s impact on the industry and beyond!