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February 08, 2022

Season of Love

Stuck at home for Valentine’s Day this year and not sure what to do? Maintaining social distance to keep yourself and your family healthy? Did you forget to plan something because you were too wrapped up in the Super Bowl? Once again, we find ourselves in a familiar situation. This time, however, we will be prepared. Check below for some fun and easy last-minute Valentine’s Day ideas.

Krush Date Box
Haven’t heard of Krush Date Boxes? It’s a date in a box! Each box has a unique theme: s’mores, painting, Italy, game night…. You can order them here. They ship in just one business day! You can also use this as an idea to create one of your own.

Breakfast in Bed
Surprise your partner with breakfast in bed! Bonus points for flowers and heart-shaped food. Pro tip: Perkins delivers! As do most amazing local donut shops.

Recreate Your First Date
This one takes some creativity. Did you go to a fancy restaurant? Order in or make the food at home. Recreate the ambiance with candles, a white table cloth, and maybe even a sign. Did you go to the zoo? Decorate your home with pictures of the animals and include stuffed animals. You can live stream animals on T.V. and grab a hot pretzel.

Themed Movie Night
Plan to watch a movie or binge on a show you’re currently watching. Watching Mystic Pizza or The Godfather? Order pizza or cook an Italian feast. Forget Paris? Go, French!

Spa Day
Always start with matching robes! Pick up some mud masks, massage oils, and bath bombs. Light some candles and toss on some romantic music. Include these conversation starters while you wait for the masks to work their magic.

Virtual Ideas:

• Escape Room: Could be done just the two of you or with some friends all online. Check some out here.
• Cooking Class: Read reviews from people who’ve taken them!
• Mixology Class: What better night is there to learn how to make fancy cocktails with your partner? If you Google it, you’ll find the right one for you. There are so many choices!
• Art Class: Have you been to one of those paint classes where you follow along while sipping your favorite drink? Do one online!