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March 23, 2023

Pants Optional

Get up, get showered, get dressed and hop in the car. With Dolly Parton’s “9 to 5” playing on repeat in your head, you grab the nearest muffin (or leftover pizza slice) and run. Like a real life version of Frogger, maneuvering through rush hour traffic proves to be a challenge, all while preserving the cleanliness of your clothing—don’t spill that coffee! Finally, you roll into the office and plop down at your desk. How is it only 9:00am? You’ve already run a marathon. If you have kids, you’ve run three.

Wouldn’t it be a dream to brush your teeth, throw on a nice shirt and sit at your desk? You can sip your coffee AND be on time for your 9:00am meeting. No need to snow blow or dig your car out from the storm the night before. All you need is Wi-Fi, and outlet and a computer. Even pants are optional.

Thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, society was catapulted into realizing how adaptable it can be. Working from home is a part of the new normal, and Steven Scott Management is paving the way in order to make sure that your home matches your lifestyle.

SSM has several buildings with state-of-the-art “Work From Home Zones”, so that you can get your work done distraction-free. Whether you’re looking for a personal space, a closed-off meeting and conference room or a larger, communal room with comfortable chairs and plentiful outlets, you’ll find everything you need at one of our thoughtfully designed communities. The Mason Apartments , The Hill Apartments, The Morrison, The Arlow on Kellogg and The Yards all have private, luxe work spaces from which to take your calls, as well as closed-off conference rooms for meetings and special projects. If a more traditional desk with dividers is your vibe, take a look at The Arris in Lakeville. Rya Apartments in Richfield and Shady Oak Crossing in Minnetonka boast separated “Work From Home Zones” for privacy, finished with modern touches. Contemporary, city-like office space from the comfort your suburban community. No matter what the day entails, you can count on a clean and clutter-free space to get your creative juices flowing.

In addition to our “Work From Home Zones”, SSM also has several choices when it comes to apartment floorplans with a separate den/office or a built-in desk. The Sybil floorplan at The Residences at 1700 has a large office which can be closed off for privacy. The Honeycrisp floorplan at The Redwell in the North Loop, and the majority of units at Grove 80 in Cottage Grove have a separate area with a built-in desk in order to create a personal home office where you can set up shop. From affordable to luxury, we’ve got you covered.

Working from home is a way of life, and Steven Scott Management Apartments have everything you need to succeed. The days of working with your clothes hanging in the background from your makeshift closet office are over. Whether you’re looking for market rate or top of the line luxury, you can live and work like a CEO.