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January 19, 2018

What Minnesotans Need to Know Before Moving in the Winter

If you’ve lived in Minnesota for a good chunk of time, you’re probably used to hearing about how hearty Minnesotans are – mainly how 40 degrees is t-shirt weather. Especially early in the year.

While that may be true for some of us, you’re probably going to want to plan a couple of things before you start your move in the winter. Here are some tips that’ll have you and your pals eating pizza on that heavy sofa in no time.

Lights, Heat, Then Action

Always start with things that are obvious, like setting up heat and electricity at your new residence. You’d be surprised at how many times people have made a long haul only to discover that their heat doesn’t work or that their lights won’t turn on. Before packing, a phone call to the property managers could save you some extra effort.

Watch Your Step

As if moving that hefty dresser wasn’t difficult enough, moving in the winter is full of curveballs – like navigating your way through frozen chunks of snow and ice. Embrace your inner scout and bring a shovel to clear out walkways. Your friends and your own unbruised butt will thank you later.

Have Your Cocoa and Drink it Too

A good way to keep mind over matter when toting your possessions through the cold is to keep your helpers (and yourself) warm and happy. What better way to do that than a nice warm cup of hot chocolate, tea, or coffee?

Look Up

The weather is why you’re looking for advice on winter moving in the first place, so taking tabs on the weather is a good idea here. Always check your local forecast and drive cautiously. Odds are you probably don’t drive a box truck full of your belongings on a daily basis, so slow and steady will win this race. Seriously, don’t try to race your moving truck. Ever.

Baby Your Electronics

A space heater in the winter may be your best friend, but don’t confuse cold weather and electronics as best friends. Whenever moving in the winter months, layering your electronics with twice the normal packing material should ensure a safe trip.

Ever hear that “putting your phone in rice” idea when your electronics get wet? Actually, the most effective part of that trick is leaving your device turned off long enough to dry out. When you move and you think your electronics might have condensation, give them time to warm up and dry out before turning them on.

We hope these tips are helpful for you in your upcoming move and that you stay warm and safe while doing so. Moving in the winter takes some extra effort, but in the end, you’ll be able to relax with friends in a new place.

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