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December 31, 2020

HERE’S TO 2021!

2021 is almost here!!! There is no better to time take a step back and reflect on all that we have accomplished. Think about what you have overcome! This year has been quite the journey, and we should all be proud of ourselves. It’s time to celebrate, and you deserve it. We could all use a little extra cheer this year. Below are some COVID-friendly ideas to ring in the new year.

Decorate the house:
Grab a little decor and spruce up the place! A happy new year banner, a tablecloth, hats, and noise makers are all you need to feel like you’re at a party. If you can’t go to the party, bring the party to you.

Get dressed up:
Make it special! When is the last time you wore a party dress and heels or a sport coat? Now is the time! Wipe the dust off, and take those babies for a spin.

Make appetizers:
Whip something up as easy as cheese and crackers, or try a new recipe. Appetizers are a great way to start the party and keep it going. Click here for some inspiration, You could also support your favorite local restaurants, and pick up a couple small plates from each. There are a few local companies who specialize in creating incredible charcuterie boards, and they deliver! Check here!

Order a cocktail kit or make a special drink:
Many restaurants and distilleries are selling cocktail kits for you to make and enjoy at home. Check out this list from for ideas.

Play games:
Games are always a fun way to relax and enjoy. There are so many great games that can be played over Zoom: Charades, Codenames, Scattegories, Taboo, Pictionary, Outburst and more. There are also many websites and apps that let you play games with your friends and family without actually owning the game. These are just a few: Virtual Games: Bingo Maker, House Party, Quiz Up, and Playing

Break Out the Bubbly:
Host a virtual champagne toast with friends. Get your friends and family on a zoom call and begin the countdown together.

All dressed up, and no place to go? Put on some music and dance! You could curate your own special NYE playlist or use a premade one on Spotify or Apple Music.

Ball Drop:
Take a break from your regular shows, and watch the NYC ball drop. It’s all going virtual this year, but there are still many programs and entertainment spots to enjoy.

Staying in isn’t your thing?
Try a socially distant bon fire. Cozy up with blankets and a fire, listen to music, make s’mores and say cheers with spiked cider or a hot toddy. Pass out sparklers and add some lights for decoration.

Many drive-through light shows in the area are also open on NYE. Tickets are still available at the Minnesota Zoo, the University of Minnesota Arboretum, Sovereign Estate Winery, Glow (at the State Fair Grounds) and Valley Fair.

Spread the love:
If you find yourself reflecting on this past year, and you feel compelled to spread some love and cheer, you could make something small and drop it off to the people who helped you make it through. Ideas include: Write a card, give a gift card, a bottle of champagne, some chocolates, or drop off your holiday card in person and tell them how special they are to you.