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January 13, 2023

Feeling the Burn…From Home!

After the gluttonous holiday season, January is a natural time to make some healthy changes. In the wake of 2020, the game has remained the same, but the rules have changed tremendously. During the COVID-19 pandemic, at-home fitness got a serious adrenaline kick. Home workouts provided people with a healthy way to cope and take out their frustrations, and they helped us feel whole while our routines were shattered.
As a society, we’ve gotten much more creative. Sure, you could continue to go to the gym for your weekly Zumba class, or you could workout with the company of tens of thousands of people—right from the comfort of your apartment! The at-home fitness options these days are endless, and Steven Scott Management is ahead of the curve.
Many of our properties already have state-of-the-art fitness centers, and some are hopping onto the virtual workout train– providing the space and equipment for a fun, social, full-body workout without ever having to leave the building. Are you into biking? Check out the Echelon bike studio at Creekside Apartments. Want something new and different? Rya Apartments have brrrn boards to harness your inner skater. Golfing during the winter? It’s totally a thing. Tarnhill has a golf simulator. There are yoga rooms, treadmills that can hold laptops, and multi-purpose rooms with T.V.s for Fitness on Demand, so you can do whatever you want, whenever works best for your schedule.
While having a fitness center onsite is a certainly welcomed amenity, there’s no need for an actual fitness center in order to get your sweat on. All that’s really needed is a few square feet of open space. If you’re no longer paying for a gym membership, you might choose to invest in workout equipment and/or an app that keeps track of your fitness while also providing instruction and adding a social element. A stationary bike like the Echelon or Peloton are great options because they don’t make too much noise—your downstairs neighbors will thank you for that one. There is also workout equipment that can be hung on the wall or stored in a closet such as the brrrn board or the Mirror by Lululemon. These are great options if space is an issue. And, if equipment isn’t in the budget, there are so many apps both, free and subscriptions, that will provide a great workout using only body weight.
An at-home workout can even be a social event. Apps like Echelon and Peloton have a cult-like following. People can communicate during a workout, video with each other and high-five each other on their accomplishments. There is a strong social media presence, and you can join a side group such as #pelotonmoms. Beach Body has a facebook group designed to hold people accountable.
With the influx of people working from home, the popularity of at-home fitness has skyrocketed. A person can listen in on a call while working out or hop on the bike during their 20-minute break between meetings. There are so many options to fit everyone’s preferences and abilities, and it can all be done at little to no cost while keeping the peace with your neighbors. Why not give it a shot in 2023? It’s never too late to make a change.