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November 19, 2019

Building And Giving Back To The Community

With a property manager like Steven Scott Management, based in St. Louis Park, it’s easy to pay rent on time.

In the mid-’60s, Steven Scott Management was just a few small apartment buildings around the University of Minnesota. Founded by two brothers-in-law, Zollie Baratz and Sid Bader, Steven Scott Management—then known as Z & S Management—continued expanding for 30 years by developing, buying and managing apartment buildings across the Twin Cities. The brothers-in-law transferred the business to their son-in-law and son, Steve Schachtman and Scott Bader, and it has since grown to managing nearly 10,000 apartments in the Twin Cities metro area.

“We made a strategic decision a while back that our company was going to focus our property management business in Minnesota, with most of our communities being located here in the Twin Cities metro area. We enjoy doing business in the communities in which we live,” Scott Bader says.

A lot has changed in the Twin Cities since the 1960s, and that rings true in renters’ needs, too. Bader says the characteristics of a renter are changing, and so are their lifestyles, wants and needs.

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