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February 28, 2023

“A little kindness can go a long way” – Katie Steller

“A little kindness can go a long way” – Katie Steller.

2023 Spring Fling revolved around intentional Kindness, Optimism, and Taking Action. Brenda Hvambsal, VP of Marketing, kicked off the event with a fun history of how far we’ve come and how this event launches special Steven Scott Management (SSM) company initiatives. One of this year’s initiatives is the “Kindness Crew” to help create more opportunities for kindness and outreach.

Keynote speakers Katie Steller, Founder and CEO of The Steller Kindness Project, and Calvin Stovall, CEO of Iconic Presentations, were incredibly inspiring.

First, we saw a clip of Stellar on the show The Kindness Project: The Gift. Here, we learned about Steller’s Red Chair Project and how she created a movement by taking her red stylist chair to the streets and bringing haircuts to the people. Then, Steller talked about her history with an autoimmune disease which caused her to lose her hair. Her mom took her to a hairstylist for the first time at age 17, which changed her life. She was so inspired by this woman who saw her as a person and not a disease that she sought to create a kindness movement, hoping that kindness, too, can be contagious.

After Katie spoke, SSM employees packed bags of personal care essentials in collaboration with the Steller Kindness Project. A total of 140 packs were put together at Spring Fling and were donated to Simpson Housing Services!

Thank you to all who participated in creating the care packs! Your work made a huge impact.

Stovall spoke about tips and tricks to make every day iconic and enjoyable. “Those who wonder if the glass is half empty or half full are missing the point. The glass is refillable.” – Calvin Stovall.

Thank you to all of the employees for attending; we appreciate you. Like SSM’s President and CEO, Mark Jensen said – our future is bright!